Monday, January 5, 2015

Easy, Inexpensive Unit of Graduate Level College Credit

Intrigued by the college credit offer? 

*    For just $60, you earn your unit by simply posting a comment once a month January-May.

*    There's only one short, enjoyable chapter to read each month in Lori Oczkus' book Just the Facts: Close Reading & Comprehension of Informational Text.

*    Too busy? Get caught up over spring break-post your 5 comments all at once!

*    Please email for more info. about the optional college credit offer or post a blog comment. 

*    When you complete blogs by May, you'll get a grade confirmation and a form to order an optional transcript.

*    This is your chance for fun and inspirational networking opportunities & professional development any time of the day and night!

*    We'd love to hear about things you try! 

Happy Reading & Blogging! Lynn