Thursday, January 12, 2017

Angela Watson Free Podcast

Happy New Year California Reading Association Friends!

Did you see Donalyn Miller in Visalia this past November at CRA's PDI?  Post a take away or two if you did.  If not, you really missed an inspiring keynote session!!

My favorite “take aways” were Donalyn's video vignettes.  There were 6th graders who changed from non-readers to confident readers.  There were those whose stamina had grown from fake reading to reading for 30 minutes or more, groaning when they had to stop.  There were kids who originally hated reading that loved reading after just a few weeks in Donalyn's class.  No wonder Donalyn got a standing ovation from us at CRA's PDI!  We were in awe!!
Don't miss this fall's PDI.    Save the Date!  October 20-21, 2017 Pacific Palms Resort Keynote Speaker: Dynamic Danny Brassell
Now for this year's Book Club focus.  Angela Watson, a National Board Certified Teacher, started the Cornerstone website to share ideas and free resources on the practical aspects of running a classroomAngela published 4 books for teachers. The latest is Unshakeable: 20 Ways to Enjoy Teaching Every Day…No Matter What.  

In January 2015, Angela launched a weekly podcast to inspire teachers to get energized for the week ahead!  If you’re new to podcasts, they’re essentially a talk radio show.  At a quick 10 minutes per episode, Truth for Teachers is perfect for staring off your Monday morning commute with positivity and encouragement.  

Go to link to listen to or download any of these free podcasts to take with you wherever you go.  Need a semester unit for $70 to advance on the salary scale?  Listen to 3 different podcasts and make 3 comments.   Interested?  Email me for more information:

Happy 2017!

Lynn Gurnee, Past CRA President