Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child by Donalyn Miller

Yes, our new book club starts today!  Why should you blog with us?
  • It's fun & easy to blog- click comment, type in box & hit publish…that's it!
  •  Easy way to get inspired- no need to read the book to join the fun
  • Donalyn Miller is a Keynote Speaker at CRA’s PDI in Visalia Nov. 4-5
  • You can EASILY earn 1 semester unit to advance on your salary scale (ONLY $60 & you only need to do 3 comments)
  • You may comment anytime night or day from Feb. 1- August  31!!
  • Donalyn currently teaches (and ALL her kids read 40+ books a year) 
  • Allington writes,  "Miller's book is powerful and practical… you understand how to overcome current classroom culture where some children learn and many learn to hate reading." 
  • You’ll be better equipped to convince your parents to join your crusade to teach kids how to LOVE reading as we lucky people do!
  • CRA member Shannon Spencer, and winner of our book drawing, blogged, “I LOVED Donalyn’s Reading in the Wild book and have transformed my classroom because of it!”
  • You’ll bask as you validate what you’re already doing, yet further transform your classroom- Please join us!
  • Blog and be inspired to make reading fun again (and still have 85% of your kids in the 90th percentile)!
We will be talking about a chapter each month until the end of August. 
  •  In her intro., Donalyn explains her “whispers” as activities to promote talk about reading between her and her students.  Ah ha, wondered how she came up with her title!  What grabbed you in the intro.?
  •  In this month’s chapter, “There and Back Again,” Donalyn reminisces about childhood memories of reading.  My Mom told me I used to read to my sister with the book upside down.  Ha! What’s your fondest memory of early reading experiences?  Would love to hear them!
  •  Donalyn shared her early teaching disasters and how she arrived at a reading workshop format.  It made me feel like I was chatting with an old friend reading her words. How are you liking the book so far?
  • Loved her section “Going Forward, Sort Of.”  So true, eh?   Do you share her experiences and/or her epiphany that “as long as I hold on to my love of books & show my students what it means to live as a reader, I’ll be closer to teaching paradise?” 
  • Don't forge to click publish below your typed comment.    
Thanks for joining us,
      Lynn Gurnee,  Past CRA President