Tuesday, July 29, 2014

     Chapter 6:   Foundational Lessons

1.  In the new edition, the 2 Sisters refer to "FOCUS lessons" as "FOUNDATIONAL lessons".  What differences do you notice about  the foundational lessons in the new edition?

2.  Appendix B-F llists all the foundational lessons for each of the Dailies.  But in looking over days 1-14 when are the foundational lessons introduced (order of intro) and why?

3.  Order of Launching the Dailies has always been a hot topic of conversation.  According to the appendix and teaching of foundational lessons, the sisters suggest this order:
Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work.
What order do you use and why?

4.  How do you see the new Common Core State Standards aligning with the foundational lessons?

5.  The new California ELA/ELD Framework refers to Foundational SKILLS, not to be confused with the Sisters' Foundational LESSONS.  What is the difference?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Chapters 4 & 5: Considerable Food for Thought-Let's postpone Chapter 6 a bit!

OMG...after that 10 day vacation, I didn't realize I was a week behind on our blog!  So sorry, also been totally absorbed in planning the most awesome PDI featuring 70+ speakers on Literacy in the Common Core.  Of course,  our Keynoters on Friday will be non other than the 2 Sisters themselves.
They will also be doing a breakout session on Saturday morning so check it out at californiareads.org under Events/PDI and sign up now.  Then you can ask Gail and Joan all your wonderful questions in person!

I am excited to begin our conversation on Chapter 4 and 5 because setting up the classroom is so very exciting, especially over the summer break!  And my favorite Daily is "Read to Self" so here it goes!

Chapter 4  What Do You Need to Begin the Daily 5?

1.  Get Your Quiet Signal:
  Why is the Quiet Signal important?  When is it used in Daily 5?  At their D5 Workshop the Sisters pass out Chimes to the attendees.  What do you use for your signal?

2.  Gather Your Tools Not Toys.  What is in your tool box for barometer kids?  Have you started gathering things for Word Work and do you know where they will be stored and how.  More on this in chapter 7.

3.  What Will You Use for Book Boxes?  Where to buy them?  Where will they be kept in the classroom?

4.  How Will You Organize Your Classroom Library? Do you have containers for books and where did you get them?  Where will your library be in your classroom design.

5.  Map Out Your Room and Decide on Your Gathering Spot and Decide Where You Will Hang Your I Charts for the Whole Year and if introducing CAFE hang your CAFE board.

This chapter is so much fun to share.  I want to discuss all the questions right now and tell you who is having the best deal on book boxes etc.  But I'll hold my tongue for now and let you help out because I love learning from all of you and getting new ideas.  Early on I participated in a yahoo groups website for the Daily 5 and all summer we were texting all of our ideas for the above questions.  I knew when book boxes were on sale at target in Ohio and I live in CA!!!  LOL

Chapter 5  Read To Self

1.  How do you get books in their book boxes for the first day of school?

2.  3 Ways to Read a Book:  What mentor texts/books do you use when modeling 3 ways to read a book?  (FYI..you can go to californiareads.org and click on pinterest and find lots of cute charts for this and many other Daily Five Ideas.  But it is important to make your own I-charts in front of the children.

3.  Launching:  Okay you are ready to launch so check out page 160, 7 169 and get your stamina chart ready (check out that pinterest page) and get your stop watch ready.  When do you ring your chimes during the first encounter with Read to Self?  What do you say?  Check in?  If you are experienced, can you tell about your first day?  Did you have a barometer child and how did you handle it? More later on page 167 on barometer kids, but you need to ready for this on the first day!

4.  Good Fit Books:  What shoes will you gather for your good fit books skit? If you are a member of the Sisters Daily Cafe they have a great example for older students using free weights.  But shoes work for all ages, I've found.  How do you organize book selection time?  Kelly on page 79 has an interesting way.  What is yours?

5.  Foundational Skills:  We have already done the first 2 so it is time for "Underline Words I Don't Know How to Spell."  Also included in foundation lessons the first week are: Check for Understanding, EEK and more as depicted in the appendix 169-175.
If introducing D5 and CAFE the appendix lessons are great to follow.  If you are only doing Daily 5
(which is what I did at first) I taught and practiced each Daily for one week and did not venture into
CAFE until second semester. What are your plans?  What materials will you need to teach foundational skills the first 5 days?

This is a lot!  Let's wait until next week for Chapter 6.  Look forward to hearing and learning from all of you!

Joanne Devine (visit me on Pinterest, too!)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Professional Development Lending Library

Attention Council Officers!
              Do you struggle to retain your members, much less attract new ones?
              Are you tired of trying to come up with creative ideas for council events?
              Does the planning for the event often take more time than the event itself?
              Have you ever wished you could bring in a real expert—someone like Linda Hoyt or Tony Stead? Stephanie Harvey or Debbie Miller? Have you thought it would be fun to have The Two Sisters do a workshop for your council?

We have great news for you! When you borrow a DVD for a council event, we’ll provide all the support materials needed to make it a great success—a suggested workshop schedule and facilitator’s guide, a flyer you can customize and use to publicize your event, and blackline masters for participant handouts, including a note-taking guide.

Check out the CRA Professional Development Lending Library on www.californiareads.org for titles and how to borrow DVDS NOW!

July 15- 21: Posts or blogs on Chapter 4- What Do You Need to Begin the Daily 5? & Ch. 5- Launching Read to Self: The First Daily 5

Jo should be getting us some new questions soon. Need more info. on how to publish your comment? Read on!

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Blogging is all about having an engaging two-way conversation. Have fun! Lynn

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Chapter 3: Ten Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

Chapter 3:  The 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

1. The brain receives input through 3 different external memory systems: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.  How do the 10 steps use these memory systems to ensure success for all?

2. The sisters make I-Charts for each of the Daily 5s.  Can you think of other purposes in your classroom for I-Charts?

3. Why is step 5, modeling least-desirable behavior, so important?

4. Purpose + Choice = Motivation.  Reflect on this statement.

5. What is your sense of urgency in implementing the Daily 5?

These 10 steps are vital in the success of your students using the Daily Five.  Take the time to teach these steps as you introduce each of the Dailies in your classroom.  It will be worth the extra effort!

Good Luck! Joanne     Need more info. on how to publish your comment? Read on!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 8- 14: Time to blog on Chapter 3: The Ten Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

Wow! Time flies!

Jo's on vacation, but will post some thoughtful questions for us soon on Chapter 3.

Did you LOVE the 10 Steps to Independence I chart?! Oh how I wish I had access to this sooner. I can't count all the times my principal would ask a student, "What are you learning about?" as she strolled through my classroom. And when they replied, "I dunno," I would just pull my hair out! :( Lynn

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fifth Annual Eureka! Award for Nonfiction Children’s Books

The California Reading Association announces its fifth annual Eureka! Award for nonfiction children’s books. We hope you’ll consider submitting outstanding nonfiction titles for this prestigious award. We’re looking forward to another successful year of showcasing nonfiction children’s books. 

Below is a submission form and a brief description of the Eureka! Award program. If you have questions, please email Helen at hfjames@san.rr.com or visit the California Reading Association’s website at www.californiareads.org

These books are excellent resources for teaching the Common Core State Standards.  There are also Common Core related activities for some of the Eureka award-winning nonfiction books posted under resources/links.  (Click 2013 PDI Resources; then click Conference Handouts; finally click Lynn Gurnee). 

NOTE: Submissions are due by September 1. 

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone you think might be interested. 

We hope you will help us celebrate fabulous nonfiction books! 

Helen Foster James, EdD
California Reading Association, Eureka! Founder

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Free Book Drawing Closed- We have a winner!

Congratulations to lucky Julie Webb from Solano ! Julie was picked at random from a pool of contestants that represented several other councils: Santa Cruz, Foothill, Stanislaus, SLO, Kern, San Joaquin, Gateway, and Ventura. Julie's Daily 5 2nd edition book will be in the mail tonight.

Thanks to the rest of you that entered. We hope you'll be an active part of our book club and also hope you'll encourage your friends to join us. That makes you all winners!