Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 8- 14: Time to blog on Chapter 3: The Ten Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

Wow! Time flies!

Jo's on vacation, but will post some thoughtful questions for us soon on Chapter 3.

Did you LOVE the 10 Steps to Independence I chart?! Oh how I wish I had access to this sooner. I can't count all the times my principal would ask a student, "What are you learning about?" as she strolled through my classroom. And when they replied, "I dunno," I would just pull my hair out! :( Lynn


  1. Oh yes and really valued the advice to stay in one spot rather than roam the room and distract readers and writers building stamina! Plus can just picture one of my students lovingly saying, "If Jack continues to pretend to read, he won;t become a better reader!" Ohhh this is such good stuff! Lynn

  2. I am really enjoying this rereading of the Daily 5! In Chapter 3, "Stay Out of the Way" was a good reminder to be quiet and read/work while students read. The Sisters said they realized the kids on-task behavior was anchored to them and their praise. This was an Ah-Ha moment for me. I have to give students time to build independence and motivate themselves to stay on-task, not rely on me and my applauds and praise.

  3. Yikes! Stay out of the way?? That will be a huge shift for me in those beginning days/weeks of building independence, but I am committed to trying it and am hoping to build true independence in my students.

    1. Yay! Good for you! BTW love the expression "yikes" too! Lynn

  4. Using the "10 steps to Teaching and Learning Independence" as described by the authors will be a great way to begin the year with my students. The Sisters explain each step thoroughly making each step easy to understand and practical to use in my classroom. I will definitely need to retrain myself not to walk around the classroom giving positive feedback to the students during the launch period of the Daily 5, and "stay out of their way" as my students develop their stamina.

  5. I have made liberal use of anchor charts to reinforce expectations, foundational learning. I love the idea of adding purpose to these charts, as well as calling them "Independence" charts. What a way to help students take charge of their own learning.