Tuesday, July 29, 2014

     Chapter 6:   Foundational Lessons

1.  In the new edition, the 2 Sisters refer to "FOCUS lessons" as "FOUNDATIONAL lessons".  What differences do you notice about  the foundational lessons in the new edition?

2.  Appendix B-F llists all the foundational lessons for each of the Dailies.  But in looking over days 1-14 when are the foundational lessons introduced (order of intro) and why?

3.  Order of Launching the Dailies has always been a hot topic of conversation.  According to the appendix and teaching of foundational lessons, the sisters suggest this order:
Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work.
What order do you use and why?

4.  How do you see the new Common Core State Standards aligning with the foundational lessons?

5.  The new California ELA/ELD Framework refers to Foundational SKILLS, not to be confused with the Sisters' Foundational LESSONS.  What is the difference?


  1. This is what I gleaned from reading chapter 6 concerning Foundational Lessons:
    There are 2 kinds of Foundational Lessons; 1) those mini lessons that are specifically taught for each Daily 5 to ensure independence (i.e. 3 ways to read a book or I pick books) and 2) The focus lessons from Cafe that teach the reading strategies from the CAFE menu. Using the term Foundational lessons tells us these lessons are laying the groundwork for Daily Five behaviors and CAFE reading strategy behaviors.
    Any comments or other interpretations?

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  3. Chapter 6 has so many helpful foundation lessons to be used in the classroom. Step by step lessons will be so useful as I guide my students to be successful everyday!

  4. As I read the new edition of Daily 5 I noticed that the mini foundational lessons for an upcoming Daily were taught previous to the launching of that Daily. Example: During the week of launching Read to Self the Sisters suggest teaching children "how to spell" when writing. Although never mentioned in the first edition, I must admit that i also did this because I wanted kids writing in their journals the first week of school.
    Then when I launched Work on Writing the next week, they were already familiar with writing in their journals so we focused more on the intricacies of HOW to Work on Writing. But usually I had always taught the specifics of each Daily during the same week I launched that Daily. I would not show them anything in the Word Work Center until I was launching Work on Writing. However, in the new edition this is done before the launch. Any comments on this?

  5. Foundational Skills as referred to in the new California ELA/ELD framework are decoding skills or phonics skills. Foundational Skills in the new Daily 5 edition are the mini lessons used to lay the foundation for Daily 5 behaviors and CAFE lessons.
    Decoding skills in CAFE are Accuracy skills hence the A in CAFE.