Sunday, June 29, 2014

Daily 5 Blog starts Tues. July 1- Here's Study Guide for Chpt. 1 and 2!

Daily 5  Study Guide (new edition) developed by Joanne Devine

Chapter 1:  THEN AND NOW

1.    What are some of the major differences in the old vs the new editions of the Daily 5?  (p. 2-3)

2.    What motivated the 2 Sisters to develop Daily 5 and what is its purpose? (  p.7)

3.    In figure 1.2 ( p.11)   where have you been and where are you now on the “learning line?”  Self reflect and look forward.

4.    Discuss the process of initially launching the Daily 5 in the first 8-12 weeks of school.   (p. 13-17).  Share your own experiences.

5.    The CAFÉ menu provides the “focus lessons” for Daily 5.  Are you using CAFÉ or other resources for your focus lessons?

Chapter 2:  Core Beliefs, the Foundation of the Daily 5 (D5)

1.    Why are trust and respect important and how do they effect the classroom community?  (p. 22-25)

2.    Why is choice an essential core belief?  (p.. 25-27)

3.    How are students held accountable in Daily 5?  (p. 27-28).

4.    Referring to Wesson’s “rule of thumb,” Medina’s “brain rules,” and Routman’s 20/80 concept,  what have we learned.

5.    Figure 2.2  explains how many words children encounter when reading  a specific amount of minutes.  How will you use this chart to make a difference in your classroom?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Want a FREE copy of the Daily 5 2nd edition?!

Just got my Daily 5 2nd edition and it's fabulous. I have a FREE copy for one of you! Just  send me a blog that you're interested in being in the drawing for this book by July 1st and by 4 PM.

On July 2, I'll mail the book to a lucky winner! We are very excited to hear from you. This is going to be a fun online book club this summer. 

The book club starts in less than a week. Hooray!  Happy Reading and Blogging!
Lynn Gurnee,
Immediate Past President and Comptroller for CRA

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Ready for the Daily Five Book Study/Blog

In April of 2009 I began reading the Daily 5 book by the 2 Sisters.  I wanted to jump in and begin Daily 5 in my first grade classroom, but there were only about 6 weeks of school left.  So instead of jumping in,  I waded in with Read To Self.  Not only was I hooked, but so were the kids!  They loved being given the "time to read" and building stamina.  So I spent the summer preparing for the big launch with my new class in the fall of 2009.  I was tandem teaching with my partner of 11 years, so I bought her the book, and convinced 3 more teachers in first and second grade to try it out as well.
I typed out explicit lesson plans for my teammate and me and put everything we needed into a notebook (stamina charts, guide to barometer child,  the 10 steps etc.).  We shopped for book boxes at Lakeshore, organized our library, and prepared materials for word work.  When school began we launched on the first day and we were off and running!

Welcome to the CRA Daily 5 Book Club/Blog.  Many of you who will be joining us on our journey in July may have noticed that the 2 Sisters will be keynote speakers at the California Reading Association's Professional Development Institute on October 17-18, 2014.  This was no accident!
I had become a D5 devotee and knew that I wanted the Sisters to come to California.  In October 2012 I emailed Gail and Joan and invited them to our conference.  They graciously accepted and at that time they had never presented in California. They will give the keynote on Friday night from
7:00 to 9:00 pm and will be featured speakers on Saturday from 9:45-10:45.  At lunch they will be signing books in the exhibit hall.  So let's get ready for the 2 Sisters visit by reading or revisiting their book, The Daily Five.  See you in July!

Joanne Devine
PDI Conference Chair
CRA President-Elect

Schedule and Guidelines for Daily Five 2nd Edition Book Study

We realize many of you may be vacationing during this book study. Therefore please don’t jump ahead and blog about future chapters. However, we welcome comments or questions on past chapters. 

July 1- 7: Posts on Ch. 1 That was Then, This is Now: How the Daily 5 Has Evolved and Ch. 2- Our Core Beliefs: The Foundations of the Daily 5

July 8- 14: Posts or blogs on Chapter 3: The Ten Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

July 15- 21: Posts or blogs on Chapter 4- What Do You Need to Begin the Daily 5? and Ch. 5- Launching Read to Self: The First Daily 5

July 22- 28: Posts or blogs on Chapter 6- Foundation Lessons

July 29- Aug. 3: Posts or blogs on Chapter 7- When to Launch the Next Daily 5

August 4- August 8: Posts or blogs on Chapter 8- and Ch. 9- The Math Daily 3 and Returning to our Core Beliefs

Thanks & Happy Blogging! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Blogging is all about having an engaging conversation. It’s not a secret code. And it’s not meant to be one-way!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Free Daily 5 Book Study Blog Summer 2014

Do you like chatting with peers about what really works in teaching literacy?

Do you want to build stamina as well as excitement in your students so they read AND write well?

Then join us on this blog over the summer!

CRA is hosting a summer splash Book Club!  We are posting thoughts and ideas as well as soliciting your input about classroom experiences based on The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy in the Elementary Grades [2nd edition].  This book by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (The 2 Sisters) is available at Amazon.  Please go to home page and click Amazon search to order the book and help CRA’s literacy efforts!

Join us for this enjoyable networking July 1- August 8.  More information is coming soon. Stay connected!