Thursday, June 19, 2014

Schedule and Guidelines for Daily Five 2nd Edition Book Study

We realize many of you may be vacationing during this book study. Therefore please don’t jump ahead and blog about future chapters. However, we welcome comments or questions on past chapters. 

July 1- 7: Posts on Ch. 1 That was Then, This is Now: How the Daily 5 Has Evolved and Ch. 2- Our Core Beliefs: The Foundations of the Daily 5

July 8- 14: Posts or blogs on Chapter 3: The Ten Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

July 15- 21: Posts or blogs on Chapter 4- What Do You Need to Begin the Daily 5? and Ch. 5- Launching Read to Self: The First Daily 5

July 22- 28: Posts or blogs on Chapter 6- Foundation Lessons

July 29- Aug. 3: Posts or blogs on Chapter 7- When to Launch the Next Daily 5

August 4- August 8: Posts or blogs on Chapter 8- and Ch. 9- The Math Daily 3 and Returning to our Core Beliefs

Thanks & Happy Blogging! 


  1. Wow! Less than two weeks until the book club starts! Started reading as the book really looks good! Looking forward to interacting with everyone! Lynn

  2. I have also been reading the new edition of the D5. I think I will get out my old copy and read them side by side as I prepare the questions for our book study. Plan on about 3 questions per chapter for and then open it up for discussion regarding the chapters we have read. I will post the questions next week to prepare for our first group blog! joanne