Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2012

September finds me with the school year well underway. I am getting to know my students, their accomplishments, challenges, goals, and though I always feel that I begin the year prepared, I find that I am constantly on the hunt for new (or tried and true) resources that will be the "just right fit" for each of my students. I was so excited to find Pinterest. What a plethora of resources - not only for my classroom, but for my home as well. I especially love the anchor charts and have been busy every morning before school copying those that I have pinned. My students, I find, are also excited about the visual displays in the classroom as they hurry in to read each and every word on each new chart. So -  Check out Pinterest, and then try not to become addicted - I bet you can't pin just one!

Lynda Griblin

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