Monday, August 18, 2014

                         Chapter 8:      The Math Daily 3

1. Why did the sisters move away from “I show and you do” lesson approach to the Daily 3 approach?

2. Explain what the three 7-10 minute focus lessons consist of. 

3. What math series do you use and how would you incorporate it with the Math Daily 3?  Give an example of a concept and the 3 focus lessons you would use that day.

4. The Sisters suggest 2 ways to organize math materials: by individual tool kits for each child or by putting like materials in container and having students gather what they need for a chosen activity.  How do you organize your materials for math?

5. The Sisters suggest games for Math By Myself and Math With Someone.  What are some of your favorite activities for these Dailies?  How do you use the math practice pages that are in the math book and what do you use for math homework?

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  1. I am a Kindergarten teacher. I have used many of the Math games the 2 Sisters have on their website. Math board games and generic "fill in the blank" boards and use dry erase markers to personalize the task on the board to the students needs (these can also be used for letter recognition, rhyming, sight words, as well as number recognition, math facts...etc.) Many math activities can be found on TPT in the free area, these also give you ideas of extensions you can create. Regarding the Math series; I only use the math games and then if they are substantial enough for continued play. We send math practice pages home for homework, when appropriate. Jody Anderson