Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just the Facts: Close Reading and Comprehension of Informational Text by Lori Oczkus Book Club

In March-April, we're blogging on Ch. 3-4! Check out Lori’s Appendix! It’s a treasure trove of ready-made student work sheets covering Thinking Deeply, Text Feature Organizer, Predicting, Summarizing, creative text games and more. It’s all on DVD for easy printing! What’s your favorites?

Don’t have it yet? Click Amazon on CRA’s home web page to buy it now!

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Come explore Chapter 4 with us! It’s on “Promoting Comprehension with Engaging Text Features.” Lori calls it the “glue” that holds informational texts together. (Ch. 1- 3 in previous posts).

Just finished reading this chapter for the third time and love it even more! Easy and clear lessons cover predicting, “wonderings,” summarizing, evaluating, visualizing, ranking, sorting, clarifying, modeling, guided & independent practicing, engaging students, assessing, using photos, diagrams, etc. & more. Oh my! Have you tried any of these lessons?

That “Index Hunt” on p. 136 sounds like so much fun. Visualizing my granddaughter being the “Student Leader” of the team index hunt brings a smile. Picture your students talking excitedly to their parents at dinner! (Think we’ll try this at our Contra Costa Book Club tonight. Sure wish you could join me)!

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Lynn Gurnee, Interim ILA Coordinator for California Reading Assn.

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